American Mold Products (AMP) has spent more than 15 years developing and testing a line of eco-friendly products for mold prevention, household cleaning, and exterior cleaning.

Our mold removal and prevention system works. For instance, we have developed a crawl space mold removal system that will reduce the time it takes by up to 67%. Our system is so effective that your competitors will not be able to match your price. Our system saves you time and money and will help you get more customers.

In addition, you can offer your customers a 5 year guarantee for the proper application of Mold Zap and a 25 year guarantee for the proper application of Mold Shield.

Offering a guarantee to your customers will increase consumer confidence and will impact your sales.

In fact, in our test market of Atlanta, sales increased more than 75% when we began offering this guarantee.

The product works and other contractors that have tested our products now use them exclusively.