Management Team

Johnny Wells, Founder/President/CEO

Johnny holds certifications for mold inspection, mold remediation and mold remediation for sensitized individuals along with having degrees in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic technology. Johnny has been working with mold companies for the past 10 years by offering them the very best in mold remediation products. Johnny has also invented all of the product lines that we use and sell. Johnny also has an extensive background in construction for commercial and residential buildings and homes.

His primary role in the business is to oversee the manufacturing and quality control of the chemical line he has developed, provide consultation and support to contractors, and training on the mold prevention system he has developed.

Sanjay Gupta, Director of Business Development

Sanjay has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. In 2009, Sanjay launched a consulting company focused on helping businesses grow. This new venture led to his involvement with a restoration company.  Initially, Sanjay was the Director of Business Development, focusing on building the online lead generation for the company.  During this period, Sanjay researched and wrote more than 300 articles on issues related to indoor air quality, mold awareness, asbestos, water damage restoration, and other topics of interest to consumers, increasing web traffic by 600% and online lead acquisition by 50%.  In 2013, Sanjay became CFO of the company and greatly increased profits in a period of 10 months using his financial analysis skills. In addition to managing the business development for AMP, Sanjay also owns a digital marketing agency, Restoration Digital Marketing Solutions, that provides digital marketing services exclusively to restoration companies.

His primary objective with AMP is to manage the marketing, advertising, and customer relationship management, as well as advising the CEO on business decisions.